DATE December 17 2023
  • 100km: Yonakohama Park
    (77 Higashihama, Yonabaru-cho, Shimajiri-gun, 901-1304)
  • 50km: Itoman City Hall
    (1-1 Shiozakicho, Itoman City, 901-0364)
  • Nirai-kanai Run&Walk (22.5km): Gusuku Road Park
    (Tamagusuku Nakayama, Nanjo City, 901-0605)
Yonakohama Park
(77 Higashihama, Yonabaru-cho, Shimajiri-gun, 901-1304)
ORGANIZERS Okinawa 100K Ultra Marathon Executive Committee (Yonabaru Town, Nanjo City, Yaese Town, Itoman City, R-bies Sports Foundation)
ENDORSEMENT Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau (Tentative)
  • 100km
  • 50km
  • Nirai-kanai Run&Walk 22.5km
  • 100km Pair entry
  • 50km Pair entry
  • 100km
    By gender: Age 18 and over
    Time Limit: 14 hours
  • 50km
    By gender: Age 18 and over
    Time Limit: 8 hours
  • Nirai-kanai Run&Walk 22.5km
    By gender: Age 18 and over
    Time Limit: 7 hours
  • 100km Pair entry
    By gender: Age 18 and over
    Time Limit: 14 hours
  • 50km Pair entry
    By gender: Age 18 and over
    Time Limit: 8 hours
  • 100km: 24,000 JPY
  • 100km Pair entry: 45,000 JPY
  • 50km: 14,000 JPY
  • 50km Pair entry: 25,000JPY
  • Nirai-kanai Run&Walk 22.5km: 7,000 JPY
  • Pair entries are recorded individually.
  • Pair entries do not have to finish at the same time.
  • 100km: 1500 people
  • 50km: 500 people
  • Nirai-kanai Run&Walk 22.5km: 200 people

Registration is available from RUNNET GLOBAL


ENTRY PERIOD July 17 2023 10:00 – November 8 2023 23:59 (JST)
Check-in Time
& Location

*If you have a pair entry, please have the representative come to the check-in.

【16 DEC】

Check-in Location:Ryukyu Shimpo Head Office Building 1F (1-10-3 Izumizaki, Naha City, 900-0021)

Check-in Time: 10:00~19:00

【17 DEC】

Check-in Location: Each starting venue

Check-in Time

  • 100km: 4:00~4:45
  • 50km: 9:00~10:30
  • Nirai-kanai Run&Walk 22.5km: 10:00~11:30
  • 100km: 5:00 (Yonakohama Park)
  • 50km: 11:00 (Itoman City Hall)
  • Nirai-kanai Run&Walk 22.5km: 12:00 (Gusuku Road Park)
  • 100km: 14 hours
  • 50km: 8 hours
  • Nirai-kanai Run&Walk 22.5km: 7 hours
  • 100km: Males and Females – First 8 runners for each section, 1st to 3rd by age groups (every 5 years)
  • 50km: Males and Females – 1st to 3rd by each section
  • Nirai-kanai Run: None
  • Special Award: Yonabaru Town Award, Nanjo City Award, Yaese Town Award, Itoman City Award
  • There are no awards for paired entries. Awards and records are based on an individual basis.
FINISHER’S PRIZE Certificate of completion and Medal
  1. The decision to conduct the event in case of inclement weather will be determined by the chairman of the organizing committee and the chief referee through deliberation at 3 a.m. on the day of the event, and it will be announced on the event website.
  2. Number cards and timing chips will be distributed on the set date and time. Please note that there will be a fee for reissuing them.
  3. Regarding theft or loss of belongings and valuables inside the venue, the organizers cannot assume any responsibility, so please manage them at your own discretion.
  4. If you are feeling unwell on the day of the event, please refrain from participating against your better judgment. Additionally, if you experience any health issues during the competition, promptly report it and consider discontinuing your participation.
  5. The organizers will not be held responsible for any accidents that occur during the event, except for providing initial first aid treatment. Participants are responsible for managing their own health and should seek a medical evaluation in advance. To be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances, please make sure to bring your insurance card (or a copy) with you.
  6. During the event, please follow the instructions of event officials (such as referees, track personnel, police officers, security personnel, etc.). If you are instructed to temporarily stop your movement to allow emergency vehicles to pass, please comply with these instructions, especially in such situations.
  7. Furthermore, please submit your application with prior agreement to the “Terms and Conditions” at the time of registration.


Point1Scenic coastal location !

The 100km course starts in Yonabaru Town in the southern area of Okinawa Main Island and you can enjoy the coastal course all the way to the midpoint at Itoman City Hall. Capping off the course, the Nirai Kanai Bridge, encountered after the turnaround, stands as a remarkable highlight that beckons not only 100km runners but also those tackling the 50km and 22.5km challenges.

Point2Variety of events to choose from 100km, 50km and 22.5km !

If you would like to try 100km one day but are still out of practice, why not try the 50km or Nirai-kanai Run&Walk 22.5km?
The 50km race is an excellent choice for those looking to build strength in their legs, especially in preparation for longer runs, such as the final stretch of a full marathon. Even if you’ve visited Okinawa as a tourist before, the experience of running 22.5km alongside friends and local runners is certain to create lasting memories.

Point3Average temperature during this season in Okinawa is 18.7°C !

December in Okinawa is the perfect time for running with an average temperature of 18.7°C. While snowfall can be common in northern parts of Japan, in Okinawa, you can run comfortably without shivering from the cold.

Point4Traveling to Okinawa in December is relatively affordable !

December in Okinawa is the off-season and domestic airfares and accommodations are often much more reasonable than usual. Why not extend your stay after the event and enjoy all the fun you want in this mid-winter paradise? You can even go sightseeing and make the most of your time here!

Point5The finisher’s medal is a ‘yachimun’ (traditional pottery) !

Every time you look at it, it brings back memories of the race… That’s why we wanted it to be something special, even our finisher’s medal. It is a finisher’s medal made of “Yachimun” (traditional pottery), a symbol of Okinawan culture.
On the day of the event, we will personally hand it to each and every one of the finishers in the 100km and 50km categories.

Point6After the run, Get excited with Okinawan folk songs !

As evening sets in and runners start to cross the finish line, you will be treated to the sounds of “Kachashi” (Okinawan fork music). Celebrate your achievements with fellow runners and join in a local music together!

Point7Make your original number card by writing a handwritten message on the back ! (Only for 100km)

On the back of your race number card, feel free to write a self-introduction, your motivations, or a message. This personal touch makes the cheers from the sidelines feel even closer and can be a great way to connect with your fellow runners. So, be sure to write a message and carry it with you as you run ! (This is only for 100km runners)

Point8Save money by coming out in pairs !

This year, we are introducing a pair entry option. When you enter as a pair, you’ll receive a discount! Why not invite your friends, family, or colleagues to join you in the race?

  • Pair entries are recorded individually.
  • There are no awards for paired entries. Awards and records are based on an individual basis.
  • Pair entries do not have to finish at the same time.


100km Course
Starting from Yonakohama Park, the course follows the coastal line, passing through Ojima island, and returns at the Itoman Minami Elementary School. The second half, from 70km to 80km, involves steep uphill sections, but the view downhill from the Nirai Kanai Bridge is spectacular. The finish line is at the same Yonakohama Park where the race started.
50km Course
Starting at Itoman Minami Elementary School, which serves as the turnaround point for the 100km course. The route passes through carrot fields and old traditional houses in Itoman City before heading to Yaese Town. The view from the Nirai Kanai Bridge, after the 30km mark, is breathtaking.
Nirai-kanai Run&Walk (22.5km)
The starting point is the scenic Gusuku Road Park in Nanjo City. Enjoy the run or walk, making detours to various tourist spots such as Nirai Kanai Bridge, Seifa Utaki (斎場御嶽), Chinen Misaki Park, and Azama Sunsun Beach, all offering breathtaking views.


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